Volunteer with Thrifty Sisters

Be Valued - Give Back

Volunteers at our store are a part of something bigger than themselves. Each volunteer is a valued member of the Thrifty Sisters family. They understand that their unique contribution allows the poor in the Richmond community to enjoy the blessed hospitality and devoted care of Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community. We also provide several opportunities for the volunteers to get together and socialize on top of the valuable work they contribute to the store.

How Can I Help?

With the exception of our very talented salaried managers, Thrifty Sisters is staffed entirely by volunteers. If not for the contribution of their time and talents, the shop simply could not operate.

Volunteers fill a variety of needs, ranging from accepting and pricing to serving as cashiers and sales assistants. Some volunteers work as department managers. Experienced volunteer curators oversee categories of donations such as books, clothing, household goods, furniture, electronics and jewelry.


Become a Greeter, Curator, Merchandiser

Volunteer merchandisers ensure that items are displayed with imagination and flair. All of our volunteers act as greeters, extending a Thrifty Sisters welcome and hospitality to all our shoppers.

Our volunteers take immense pride in working to make shopping a pleasurable experience, as more and more shoppers find us and understand the quality and value we offer. Each year we host events honoring the volunteers and thanking them as we present our financial contribution to Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community.

What our Volunteers think

“I love that I have come to the point in life where I can choose when and where I volunteer. I heard from a friend how much she loved volunteering at Thrifty Sisters. I feel part of a community here. We work with shoppers, help curate donations and enjoy bringing life back to gently used and designer items…. I leave after work knowing I have made a difference.”
-- Tom
“I am so thrilled we will be partnering with Saint Francis. I was very impressed with the facility, the staff we met and the smiles from the residents we have encountered. Truly a worthwhile place for Thrifty Sisters to carry on our mission.”
-- Shelia
“When I arrived at Thrifty Sisters I immediately felt like I was a part of something larger than myself. I think their mission to 'Shop with a Purpose' is what binds us all. So many wonderful people have come through these doors – treasure hunters, donors and yes ... me. I came to shop, and then I asked to volunteer. We’re like a family. Please join us. The more, the merrier.”
-- Anne



We celebrate our volunteers’ shared commitment to our common vision: To provide the Thrifty Sisters shopper with “a heavenly shopping experience” and to provide Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community with stable financial support.

Thrifty Sisters opened its doors in December 2012 with devoted volunteers whose service has exceeded our expectations on this great  journey to becoming the best thrift shop in Richmond. We uniquely seek to provide guests to our shop with a “purposeful shopping experience.” Come join us on this journey.

There is always a need for enthusiastic and talented volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please see the store manager or email director@thriftysistersrva.org.