Thrifty Sisters Donate

What Can You Donate?

At Thrifty Sisters, we have a variety of departments, including women and men’s clothing, jewelry, home goods, furniture, books and other treasures. We welcome donations by appointment only. Please call the shop for more information – 804-658-4153. Items accepted include clean, gently used items in working condition to support our mission, benefiting Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community:

  • Vintage and Antique items
  • Religious Items – crucifixes, rosaries, statues
  • Furnishings – gently used upholstered and non upholstered
  • Furniture – excluding sleepers, cribs, box springs and mattresses
  • Home Decor – rugs, lamps, art, frames, wall décor, clocks, decorative table top items
  • Entertaining – Crystal, china, flatware and serving pieces
  • Household items – glassware, ceramic, pots and pans
  • Linens – Laundered or dry cleaned window treatments, decorative pillows, tablecloths, placemats and napkins
  • Women’s and Men’s Clothing – Laundered or dry cleaned gently used clothing in current, classic, and vintage styles
  • Accessories – Jewelry, purses, belts, lightly worn shoes
  • Children’s items – Books, toys, games
  • Art and Craft materials
  • Books, DVDs, Video gamesno CDs or VHS tapes
  • Christmas items (Sept – Nov)
  • Selected garden items

The following items are generally not accepted:

  • Mattresses and box springs, cribs, baby seats
  • Large appliances and non-operational small appliances
  • Electronics – Analog TVs, Video recorders/players, computers, printers, CDs or VHS tapes
  • Office furniture and Exercise equipment
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Sleep sofas

Thrifty Sisters makes donating simple:

Unused or gently used items can be donated to benefit the assisted living care of the elderly in need at Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community in metro Richmond. Donations are accepted by appointment only. Please call the shop at 804-658-4153 for more information. We accept home furnishings, décor, ladies and men’s clothing, children’s toys, accessories, jewelry, books, vintage and antique items, and a wide range of other goods.  As a non-profit with 501(c)(3) tax status, Thrifty Sisters offers donors the opportunity to list their donated items as tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. (Check with your tax accountant.)  And best of all… you leave the shop knowing that the sales of your donated items benefit the wonderful residents cared for by Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community.

Thinking About Downsizing?

Many of us know someone who is thinking about downsizing. Maybe that person is the one looking at you in the mirror. 

Downsizing can be difficult when the treasured items we are parting with represent fond memories and have added beauty to our homes for many years.

Thrifty Sisters works to find a new home for your donations as Curator volunteers help our savvy shoppers find new treasures.

It’s a rewarding experience for all, and the tax deduction can lift spirits, too.

So feel free to call if you would like advice or assistance in creating a manageable downsizing or partial estate plan. We stay in touch with a number of specialty companies that are experts in this field.

No More Room in My Closet!

Each season as you go through your closet, you might come across a new or gently used item that you haven’t worn all season.

That’s the perfect occasion to ponder the power of rebirth — and how much joy someone else might gain by purchasing and wearing such a beautiful dress or blouse.

Thrifty Sisters becomes the conduit for making that garment available to the buying public at a price that is vastly reduced from the original.

And the residents at Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community benefit from your kind donation.

Garment new life

Teaching Children the Joys of Giving

While the holidays present a natural opportunity to emphasize giving, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to introduce your kids to the spirit of giving. Whatever the season, they will be growing — and that means they also will be outgrowing their toys. If not handing them down to a sibling, you might involve your child(ren) in the process and choose to donate them for a good cause. While not accepting children’s clothing, we do welcome donations of gently used toys, books and games all year long.

Here are some details to consider prior to donating:

  • Call our shop at 804-658-4153 to make an appointment to donate.
  • Make sure the toys are clean and that they are not missing parts or broken in any way.
  • Check to ensure that none of the toys were ever recalled by the manufacturing company.

Finally, we hope you will share with your kids how they will be helping out Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community and their residents whose need for assistance is greater now than ever before.

What our Donor members think

"I recently chose to downsize. So I did my research and found the Thrifty Sisters website online. After talking with one of their curators, I knew I wanted to help their cause of caring for the elderly poor. They made it so simple…Donating here really is a gift that keeps on giving. An easy way to pay it forward." -- Lola R.
"I’ve been a thrifter all my life. Thrifty Sisters is one of my greatest finds. The quality of the donations is so great. I am a frequent donor, but I have to admit, every visit I find a treasure to take home." -- Maureen S.
"Thrifty Sisters was the best find of my life. After my children flew my coop, I was ready to refresh my house. Giving my gently used items to Thrifty Sisters paved the way for me to make my home work for the next chapter of my life.” -- Dave B.

What IS


noun  prov·e·nance   \ ˈpräv-nən(t)s , ˈprä-və-ˌnän(t)s \
The history or story of ownership of a valued object or work of art or literature.

Why does provenance matter?

If a donated item has a special history or story that can also be passed on to a future generation, it may be more highly cherished by the new owner. This creates a connection between the donor and purchaser. We call it paying it forward.

If you would like to tell a story to help us better understand the value of a donated item, please include your story in your donation box or tape it to your donation item.

Tell us the story of your item.

Who owned it? Maybe your mother, or a friend?  Was it a present? Was it bought on a trip? Why is it special; is it a collectible? Was it used in a special way? How old is your furniture, vintage or antique? Do you know the maker or designer? Do you know the artist? Was there something special about the previous owner you would like us to share with the next owner?

We hear so many wonderful stories from our donors. We’ve been able to pass some of the stories on to new buyers, making their treasures all the more special by knowing their provenance.

It’s true that not all items come with a story, but you can be assured of this: Every item curated at Thrifty Sisters leaves with a history of helping the elderly of limited financial means and supporting Saint Francis – Manchester an Assisted Living Community.